Evil Is Real: George Bush Is Making Millions Off His Ungodly Crimes

The empire staggers on. Obama sends more senseless troops to Iraq, revisionist history proclaims the “courage” of the authors of its tragedy, and George W, accomplishing at least his declared mission of “replenishing the ol’ coffers,” is raking in millions with equally senseless $175,000 speeches a pop to audiences who evidently, inexplicably, dispiritingly seem to think he has something to say.

Eagerly embracing the profits of what has been deemed “the post-presidential industrial complex,” Bush had given at least 140 talks by 2011, when they became harder to track, for fees ranging from $100,000 to upwards of $175,000, reports Politico. These days, the details of his appearances are carefully shielded behind confidentiality agreements and bans on recordings; they’re also commonly held in private venues like resorts, casinos, ballrooms and convention centers. When he spoke at a fundraiser for a homeless shelter in McKinney, Texas – McKinney again! – he charged a modest $100,000, and was reportedly “very popular and charming and pleasant.”