Collateral Damage: There Is No Safe Place For Palestinians

United Nations Human Rights Chief says that Israel may be Guilty of War Crimes.

Gaza is a prison city surrounded by walls that do not allow its residents to evacuate to safe places.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the purpose of the invasion of Gaza is to destroy the tunnels that connect Gaza with Israel, which he says are used by Hamas terrorists to slip into Israel to launch attacks.

If this were true, one would need ask, why did Israel begin bombing Gaza 10 days before the ground invasion?

Another important question to ask is why did Hamas reject a ceasefire as proposed by Israel and Egypt.

A third question is, who stands to gain or lose from the slaughter of 650 innocent people in Gaza and 30 Israeli soldiers?

We can now say that the biggest loser are the Palestinian people, who have been part of Israel’s orgy of collateral damage. Women and children continue to be counted among the hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and arrests, many homes destroyed, and the total or partial demolition of their already meager public services, are some of the consequences of Israel’s continues attacks in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister knows that in a military campaign such as the one his government is carrying out almost everyone will show support, even if the military operation causes massive loses without truly destroying Hamas. Israel’s military operation will neither end the war nor end Hamas.

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