The Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq, Instigated by the Perpetrators of War Crimes: The Greatest Scandal of our Generation

Just about every day in Iraq at least one person, if not scores more lose their lives wrecking family after family as a direct consequence of the US/British invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq back in 2003. To this day 11 years after that invasion a sectarian war still rages whilst according to a prominent ‘Independent ‘ journalist, jihadists have since taken control of an area the size of Great Britain, partly in Iraq and partly in Syria. Meanwhile the 2010 figure of 650,000 plus dead must have increased by now being far closer to the 700,000 mark. This whilst baby’s are still being born deformed by the chemicals the Americans used during their ‘Phantom fury’ battle of Fallujah at the end of 2004 that took over 4000 lives alone, flattening much of the city.

Now here’s a question for anyone out there reading this who also happens to be a British tax payer. Did you know that for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars your part of the £30 billion we all spent was roughly around £1000 per head. That’s a grand share that you personally paid towards taking all those thousands of lives and destroying all those thousands of homes.

How would you now feel if I were to tell you that you were duped, that you were ripped off and that you were cheated not only out of your £1000 investment but that you were also unwittingly a partner in a mass murder , a crooked, fraudulent and atrociously run business deal which went horribly wrong. What would you want to do about it. You might feel you were entitled to some kind of criminal investigation and presumably you might want some kind of justice metered out on those criminals responsible for the loss of your fellow human beings who’d lost their lives including let us not forget the 179 British soldiers who died in Iraq.

Well don’t worry, it’s all been taken care of. Indeed the person who led you into this corrupt fraudulent and murderous deal, Tony Blair, allowed his old friend and non elected successor Gordon Brown to open an inquiry in your name. With a carte blanche remit to interview all the notable politicians and civil servants involved, the Iraq Inquiry or the Chilcot inquiry, which has currently spent eight of your million quid, was set up five years ago to investigate where it all went wrong. Oh but by the way you will just have to wait another six months or so, as all those taking part, Blair included, haven’t had an opportunity to sign it off yet.

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