Cheney, his cohorts seek war scenario for Iran: Analyst

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney and other neoconservatives in America have been trying to prepare a scenario for an attack on Iran similar to the one used prior to the Iraq invasion in 2003, says an analyst.

Keith Preston made the remarks when asked about recent remarks by Cheney in which he accused President Barack Obama for the emergence of the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq, while calling on members of Congress to be prepared to “make the threat of military action [on Iran] very credible.”

“As far as Cheney’s comments about Iran, if the George W. Bush administration, if the neoconservatives like Dick Cheney and his cohorts were still in power, they would be at war with Iran today,” said Preston, chief editor and director of

“They had Iran in their sights every bit as much as they had Iraq in their sights, and what Cheney is advocating and what his neoconservative cohorts in American foreign policy circles are trying to do today is engineer a repeat of what happened with Iraq in 2003,” he added.

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