British pilots take part in anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria

A number of British pilots have secretly taken part in anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria despite a 2013 parliamentary vote against any military action in the war-hit Arab nation.

Human rights group, Reprieve, reveals that service personnel acted under auspices of other members of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition. The details were revealed under a freedom of information request from the rights group.

Although the figure cited is believed to be in the single digit. It is also not known what planes British pilots have used to carry out strikes but reports suggest that they were embedded with American and Canadian air forces.

The Ministry of Defense had, so far, maintained that the UK was contributing to the anti-ISIL coalition with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

The participation of the Royal Air Force in Syria campaign is, however, against the 2013 motion in parliament that rejected any military campaign in Syria. The House of Commons had authorized the defense ministry to go ahead with airstrikes in neighboring Iraq alone.

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