8 Muslim countries have been bombed by Israel & the US this year

Chris Ernesto 
RINF Alternative News

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today, with 49 countries having a predominantly Muslim population. Of these countries, 4 have been bombed by Israel, and 4 have been bombed by the US this year alone.

Here are the four countries bombed by Israel in 2014:

1. Sudan ( 35.4 million people96.7% Muslim
On July 21, Israel dropped bombs on a suspected weapon warehouse in Sudan. Israel alleged that the site stored weapons that were bound for Hamas in Gaza.
Israel has carried out other bombing attacks inside Sudan in recent years. In 2009, Israeli warplanes bombed a convoy of trucks in Sudan that was believed to be carrying arms to be smuggled into Gaza. And in 2012 eight Israeli planes struck a giant military factory outside of the capital, Khartoum.

2. Palestine 
( Gaza: 1.8 million people, 98% Muslim)
Israel is currently in the midst of an aerial onslaught and ground invasion in Gaza in what it calls “Operation Protective Edge.” 
Previous bombing attacks carried out by Israel in Gaza include the 2012 “Pillar of Defense” assault, and the 2008-2009“Operation Cast Lead” in which 1,400 Palestinians were killed, including some 300 children.

3. Syria 
( 17.9 million people, 87% Muslim)
On June 23, a series of Israeli airstrikes killed four and wounded nine in Syria in what the Syrian government said was a “flagrant violation” of its sovereignty.
Israeli tanks struck a Syrian artillery launcher in 2012, and in 2013 Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on at least three different occasions.

4. Lebanon 
( 5.9 million people, 54% Muslim)
On February 25, Israeli warplanes hit a convoy inside Lebanon that it claims was carrying missiles. 
Israel also attacked Lebanon in 2006 when it launched a 33-day war, and in 2013 when an air strike targeted an alleged armed group south of Beirut.
And here are the four countries bombed by the US in 2014:
1. Yemen ( 26.0 million people, 99% Muslim)
The most recent occurrence of a US aerial attack in Yemen was on April 19 when a US drone strike killed at least 21 people, including a number of civilian bystanders.
The US has been waging a covert drone war in Yemen since 2009 in what it claims to be a counter-terrorism effort to disrupt al-Qaeda.
Drone attacks have become so prevalent that Yemen had to set up a counseling center to help children deal with the psychological trauma of US aerial bombardments.
2. Pakistan ( 196.1 million, 96% Muslim)
The most recent attack in Pakistan occurred on July 19 when a US drone fired several missiles killing eleven people.  
In total, the US has carried out more than 300 aerial strikes in Pakistan, 90% of which have occurred during the Obama presidency. At least 168 children are believed to have been killed in these strikes, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
3. Afghanistan ( 31.8 million people, 80% Muslim)
The most recent aerial assault in Afghanistan occurred on July 19 during which four people were killed.
The US dropped 17,500 bombs during its invasion in Afghanistan in 2001 and has carried out at least 38,100 airstrikes since.
4. Somalia ( 10.4 million people99% Muslim
Most recently, the US military carried out a missile strike in Somalia in January targeting a suspected militant leader with ties to al-Qaeda and al-Shabab.
Renditions, an underground prison and a new CIA base are elements of an intensifying US war in Somalia, according to Jeremy Scahill.
Ten Muslim countries bombed by US & Israel in recent years
Prior to 2014, the Obama administration carried out bombing campaigns in Libya and Iraq, bringing the total number of countries attacked by the US and Israel in recent years to 10. In each case, the country attacked has a predominantly Muslim population.

Chris Ernesto is cofounder of St. Pete for Peace, an antiwar organization in St. Petersburg, FL that has been active since 2003. Mr. Ernesto also created and manages OccupyArrests.com and USinAfrica.com.