Who is this technology intended for?

Remember the 6 million dollar man 1970s sci-fi? A man barely alive, we can rebuild him, make him better, stronger, faster than he was before?

Stacy Wagner was the Bionic Woman, crime fighter and true patriot.

Well, what do you know, it is now a reality, but with inflation the cost of this could be a tad more than six million. But, just wait until the Chinese steel it, we’ll all have me.

This technology has far reaching implications for those with special needs and those who have heavy jobs.

Instead of requiring three people to load up a killing & mass murder machine such as a US Bombers, only one person would be required according to US spin. That way the BUSH regime and its murdering psychopaths wont need the help of Democrats who could get in the way.

Does it not make you all warm inside knowing how dollars are being spent cutting out Democrat (Voters) workers of the future?

Why, with luck this may be the beginning of domestic robots, robot chauffeurs, Robocop’s, fireproof firemen, judge dread & a new meaning to the term, “putting on my suit for work.”