Twitter account info requests surge 46%

The number of requests for account information Twitter received from countries around the world has increased by 46 percent in the first half of 2014, the social networking site revealed in its fifth transparency report.

Between January and June this year Twitter received 2,058 requests overall from a total of 58 different countries including from eight countries who had previously never lodged requests before.

The US was in first position with 1,257 requests, 72 percent of which resulted in information being handed over. In number two position was Japan with 192 requests, of which just 36 percent were complied with.

There were also 432 demands to remove content — a stunning 620 percent rise when compared to the first half of 2013. Turkey, which periodically banned Twitter over the last year, submitted 186 new requests in 2014. France, which made Twitter remove a flood of anti-Semitic tweets back in 2012, made 108 new requests. Russia came in third with 32 requests, while the US made 31 requests for data to be removed.

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