Keep Big Telecom’s hands off our net

Image Sterlic/via Flickr.

Josh Tabish

Decision-makers at the CRTC are undertaking a crucial consultation1 that could profoundly impact digital services in Canada — including how we use the Internet.

For too long now, Canadians have watched our global counterparts surpass us when it comes to accessing exciting, affordable, and innovative digital services. But this CRTC hearing could be our chance to change all of that.

That’s why we’re giving you an opportunity to have your voice heard in this process. We need you to give us your thoughts so we can put your concerns straight into the hands of decision-makers at the CRTC hearing in just a few weeks.

Click here now to let us know what you think the future of digital services should look like in Canada. We’re counting on you!

Then, after you’ve spoken out, we’ll add your voices to everything else Canada’s pro-Internet community has told us throughout the process.2

Here are a few of the things the CRTC is considering right now:

    • Imposing a new government tax on online content providers (e.g., Netflix) to help prop up Big Telecom’s outdated broadcasting model – a tax which would make online services more expensive.


    • Creating even more ways to use public money to subsidize telecom conglomerates’ outdated TV broadcasting model.


  • Allowing Big Telecom conglomerates to purposefully make competing, independent apps and online services more expensive for Canadians.

If you’re as worried about this as we are, it’s important you click here now to let decision-makers at the CRTC and Canadians everywhere know where you stand.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand up for alternatives to the Big Telecom giants. They’ve been able to dominate as the only game in town for most Canadians through years of coddling from government.3 But today we have a chance to change that.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our best ideas have always come from our community, so: What is the best way to improve digital services in Canada? Let us know, and we’ll deliver your voice to the hearing.

[1] Let’s Talk TV. CRTC Consultation.
[2] The process began in January, and was fed by the OpenMedia-hosted Connected Canadaevents across the country. Then, in March, they launched an interactive questionnaire called ‘Choicebook’. Unfortunately, the survey was badly skewed in favor of Big Telecom giants, so we produced a users guide to their flawed consultation, which you can see here.
[3] Bell-Astral takeover would give Bell millions of your dollars. Source: OpenMedia.

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.