Google Refuses to Run Impeachment Ad

By Ralph Lopez

Google has refused to run the following sponsored ad and link paid for by the Northeast Impeachment Coalition and

Help Impeach Cheney NOW
Nonpartisan, the time is here.
House JC 202-225-3951 Demand ACTION

Google’s explanation is the following:

“At this time, Google policy does not permit ad text that advocates against an individual, group, or organization. In addition, this policy doe not permit the advertisement of websites that advocate against a group protected by law.”

Protected by law? Since when is the Vice President of the United States protected from free speech? Political speech is protected speech. Cheney is a public figure. Google does run ads “against” the tobacco industry. We believe this is settled law in the print and TV worlds. Any legal beagles out there please weigh in. We’ll be forwarding this to the ACLU and the general media Monday morning. Following is the full text of the email Google sent to our coordinator. An example of political speech Google DOES allow: if you type in keywords “support the president” the following ad comes up:

Elect More Republicans
The Party of Lincoln, Reagan and You. Support the RNC today.

Also included is a list of impeachment-related advertising which Google allows. What’s the difference between “Impeach Bush” and “Help Impeach Cheney Now?” Our feeling is the line is drawn at political advertising which might actually wake people up, is too effective. Please circulate widely, and in the meantime, use Yahoo for your search engine.