7 iPhone Apps for Managing Your Finances

by Tom Blackwell

There are so many really good iPhone apps especially in the Finance category.  We decided to take a look at some of the most popular apps for managing your finances.  It is really neat to be able to figure out your financial stuff while you are away from your laptop computer.  Here are some the top iPhone apps for managing finances.

1)  PayPal, this app is free and is of course by Paypal.com.  This is a favorite of mine. I like having quick access to my PayPal account to see my balance or to check on a purchase date.  Using PayPal to purchase items electronically is great and this app just adds the ability of having PayPal always with you.  Of course this mobility option will just enhance PayPal’s popularity as a payment option.


2) Bloomberg Mobile by Bloomberg, this is also a free app.  This is just like accessing Bloomberg from your computer but in this case it’s from your iPhone.  This app provide stock tracking, financial news, financial analysis, it tracks the days leaders and losers.  It is great for the person that wants to know what is happening in the market all day long.


3) Billminder is made by return7, the app’s price is $0.99. This is a basic financial app that helps keep track of your bills’ due dates and the payment amounts of the various financial obligations.  It also remembers what you have paid and what remains unpaid and lets you know by alerts.  It’s a great tool for helping to handle the monthly bills.


4) Bank of America or whatever happens to be your bank, they are all usually free.  In my case it is Bank of America the number one free app in the iPhone finance category.   This is just about the best thing about banks now a day.  It is a multi feature app that really allows you to simply track all your bank accounts while you are on the move.  It also allows for bill payments and that is a very handy feature.  It s great to be able to have mobile access to your bank information with a few simple keystrokes while you are on the go.


4) Pageonce – Money & Bills, this is another free app.  It automatically tracks and organizes all your bills and money.  You can see your credit cards, banks, investment accounts, and bills all from one site.  You can track where your money goes and it also sends important reminders and real time alerts regarding your accounts. 


6) Ace Budget is easily affordable at $1.99.  This app is a simple personal finance application to help you keep a budget and track your spending. All the features of this app were designed to be quick, clean, and intuitive.  One more thing it is also very easy to use. 


7) Debt Free is a great app to help you pay off your debts, sells for $1.99.  This app helps to eliminate your debt by using the Debt Snowball Method.  It will help you to monitor, organize, and payoff your outstanding debts using this very effective method.  The Debt Snowball Method is a very popular method that is recommended and taught by many wealth experts and financial professionals in helping to eliminate debt. 


Tom is a keen walking enthsiast who works for Catalan Adventures – a company specialising in Walking holidays in Europe.