Hypocritical Tory MP Under Fire For Betraying Voters

(RINF) – Another Tory MP is facing criticism for betraying voters in Stevenage, UK.

As part of his election promise in 2010, conservative MP Stephen McPartland guaranteed voters that if elected, he would take the role seriously and be a ‘full time’ MP. However it has now emerged that McPartland has several secondary employment roles that create significant earnings for him.

This is what a ‘full time’ MP looks like:

Alongside his £67,000 ministerial salary plus expenses, he also earns £42,000 a year as non-executive director of a furniture company. £35,000 a year is earned via his private consultancy which he advises a London based recruitment firm and he also receives £300 per hour to advise the Association of Welding Distribution.

His 2010 speech has come back to haunt him:


“I think I’d be a good MP for Stevenage because I’m a grassroots campaigner that wants to focus on improving local people’s quality of life.

“I believe it’s important we have a Member of Parliament for Stevenage who’s going to take the role responsibly and and treats it as a full-time job.”

His full speech can be seen here:

Hopeful Labour candidate Sharon Taylor criticised McPartland by saying:

“Stephen McPartland has broken his promise to the people of Stevenage – just as the Tories have broken their promises on the NHS, wages and VAT.

“On May 7th voters will have a chance to vote for a Labour Government, and he can spend all of his time on his consultancies and directorships.”