Most Effective Agents of Oligarchs

James Hoover

Given how a new breed of corporate elites are dictating our lives, I think it is appropriate to gauge which forces act as the most effective agents of these overlords, and what relief we might find, and when.

Since agents at the state levels hold sway only over chunks of territory — though banded together they dictate terms in almost half the states, we’ll confine our attention to actions or inaction that affect the whole country. Tossing aside media sources which attack whole segments of our population, albeit indirectly through our President and Democrats, like Fox News, hate radio, and pseudo-neutral mainstream media, we’ll concentrate on Congress and the Supreme Court.

Even ignoring the latest atrocity of the Supreme Court, the Hobby Lobbydecision, I think the unbridled power of five opinionated, arrogant, men in black robes demonstrate a sweeping and long-lasting impact on every decision we make, every service we enjoy, every consumer good we purchase, every drop of water we use, and every patch of air we breathe.

The obstruction of Republicans in Congress can certainly halt progress in repairing crumbling infrastructure, put a quietus on job growth, stop pay increases, dampen EPA efforts, and waste time repealing the ACA (“Obamacare”); but there is some hope that Republicans can be replaced with more reasonable Democrats. More reasonable Republicans do not exist as long as the Tea Party and rich supporters has a stranglehold on progress.

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