Young Woman Fighting for Life After Syrian ‘Child’ Migrant Gang Knife Attack

A young woman in Germany has been left fighting for her life after a gang of Syrian “child” migrants allegedly attacked and stabbed her.

The 24-year-old woman was attacked in the street in the town of Burgwedel near Hanover on Saturday evening, and all three suspects are asylum-seeking migrants from Syria, police have confirmed, reports Der Tagesspiegel.

According to local media, the woman and a friend had a disagreement with two Syrian teenagers, aged 13 and 14, in a supermarket in the town.

On their way home an hour later they met the boys, now joined by a 17-year-old, again and the argument between the woman’s friend, 25, and the migrants escalated.

The younger woman attempted to step in and calm things down, but the eldest boy pulled a knife and stabbed her. The three males fled the scene but were caught soon after by police.

Local people said they are now fearful to walk around their hometown following the migrant attack. “We are a bit afraid, but not so much that I wouldn’t leave the house anymore,” one woman told German broadcaster NDR.

“It’s terrible, I’m afraid now to walk around on foot, I’d prefer taking my bike or something,” another added.

Kathrin Pfeiffer, from the local police force, said: “The two groups got into a fight again and the verbal fight turned physical. During this brawl, the 24-year-old woman intervened and was stabbed.

“The exact background to the fight inside the supermarket and also the later fight are not…

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