Why The ‘Blue Vests’ Movement

As the motives and mandate of the Yellow Vests movement come more clearly into focus, and the sense of power and potential within individual citizens continues to rise, not only in France but in other countries as well, another development occurring alongside the protests has the potential to take things to a whole new level:

Police in France have repeatedly warned about fatigue and frustration seeping into the ranks in recent years and it appears the month-long and often violent yellow vest protests has pushed them over the edge.

They have already warned the government that they are at breaking point and on Wednesday they will launch their own protest movement, which has earned them the title “les gilets bleus”  – the blue vests, after the protective body gear that they wear.–France’s The Local


It would be of particular interest to know if the general mood within the police force is one that is purely self-serving, in which they seek to improve their own living conditions without regard for the rest of the population, or if they are truly aligned with the fervor for fundamental change that has captured the popular imagination.

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Police Union Alliance certainly seems more focused on the welfare of police only, as is the mandate of any workers’ union. Their main beef is the new budgetary constraints:

“This Thursday, December 20th, the National Assembly is set to adopt the 2019 budget for the security forces and in particular the police budget,” said Alliance. “This budget sees a drop of €62 million of investment in the National Police, which will mean that once again our working…

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