Wheels in Motion

I have loved in life the same as you,
won and lost that hand a time or two,
but never cursed the way that cards were dealt,
never blamed the course of shooting stars,
never bet my luck on pennies falling from the sky,
never begged for more or less than what is fair.

I have watched ancient cities crumble across the screen,
laughed and wept in madness at burning dreams,
but never thought my faith was not enough,
never went to war without just cause,
never blinded eyes to spite the heart,
never doubted fate would play its part.

I have seen the way this world turns,
been told time and again we live and learn,
but never cast aspersions at holy angels,
never damned the demons for their nature,
never stole red fire from the sun,
never lusted after glory that wasn’t won.

I have stumbled through darkness the same as you,
battled my own shadows seeking truth,
but never pointed fingers at the moon,
never raged at light when nights went black,
never bartered my good soul when I fell down,
never failed to stand back up on solid ground.

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