‘We’re Not Intimidated, We’ll Continue to Tell The Truth’

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation
December 19, 2018

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is standing strong and doubling down in the face of establishment leftists targeting his advertisers because he dares to speak out against open borders globalism.

As the left has given up trying to win people over to open borders globalism with their terrible arguments, they’re now focused entirely on destroying people for thought crimes. While the left used to be skeptical of corporate power, these days they’ve teamed up with Big Tech and corporate America to censor their opposition. Most “journalists” now act as unpaid interns ratting out conservatives for wrong-think so their corporate masters can ban them from their platforms or force them out of their jobs.

Pacific Life Insurance Co., TD Ameritrade, Indeed, Smile Direct Club, Bowflex, NerdWallet, Ancestry, Jaguar Land Rover, Voya Financial, Minted, Zenni Optical, Just for Men, IHOP, and SCOTTeVEST have all either stopped advertising on Carlson’s show, paused their ads on his show, or said they won’t advertise on his top-rated show in the future.

Hollywood trash like Judd Apatow have also demanded he be deplatformed:

Tucker Carlson, who is the greatest voice for sanity on television, is refusing to back down:

Transcript via Fox News:

We’ve talked a lot on this show about the threat to free speech. It turns out it’s very real.

Here’s one example: Last week, we interviewed a man named Genaro Lopez. Lopez is an elected official in Tijuana, Mexico. He’s exactly the kind of person you’d think a lot of…

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