US voters deciding if GOP holds Congress

Polls have closed in a number of US states as Americans vote in midterm congressional elections, with deficiencies in the election process and infrastructure reported across the country.

American voters headed to the polls on Tuesday to elect candidates for the 435-seat US House of Representatives and a third of the 100-seat US Senate. In addition, 39 state and territorial governorship as well as numerous other state and local elections will be contested.

Early results have begun to come in as the decisive campaign comes to an end but it would take hours before a full picture emerges.

A Democratic victory in either chamber would pave the way for potentially launching a probe into President Donald Trump as well as affording them more scope to oppose his policies.

Democratic Senators Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Chris Murphy of  Connecticut, Benjamin Cardin of Maryland, Tom Carper of Delaware, and Sheldon…

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