Upset Ice Cube fan opens fire, shot by police as panic engulfs concert venue (GRAPHIC VIDEO) — RT US News

San Diego police officers shot a man who pulled a gun and started firing into the air when he found out that evening’s Ice Cube Concert was sold out. The sound of shots sparked panic.

Ice Cube, who once rapped “shotgun bullets is bad for yo’ health,” was due to perform at San Diego’s Del Mar Racecourse on Sunday. As crowds gathered, the racecourse tweeted just after 6.30pm that tickets were completely sold out. On hearing the news, one die-hard fan got into an argument with staff at the box office, pulled out a handgun and began squeezing off shots into the air.

As the crowd panicked and fled, nearby deputies shot the man, leaving him lying on the sidewalk. The man, identified as 22-year-old Daniel Elizarraras, was taken to hospital and is expected to survive, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department stated.

Inside the venue, the evening’s final horse racing event was taking place. Commentators screamed “there’s gunfire at the track,” before abandoning their posts and fleeing. One jockey was flung from his horse as panic took hold.

Emergency services set up a perimeter around the racetrack, but the situation was quickly brought back to normal. Just half an hour after the shooting, and with the day’s racing finished, the racecourse tweeted that the gangsta rap gig would go ahead as planned.

Seemingly unperturbed by gunfire, Ice Cube took to the stage as planned later Sunday night. Nobody else except the suspect was injured in the incident. For them, and for the rapper, who did not have to use his AK, it was a good day.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.