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Well, even JPMorgan got that right. Over the weekend a carbon unit identified as the banks’ “cross-asset strategist” (say what?) warned that investors should brace for a boo-boo by the Donald with respect to the China trade skirmish conflict war:

The other concern is that US economic and equity market resilience despite tariffs will embolden the President on all geopolitical fronts – autos, NAFTA and particularly Iran – and thus risk a major miscalculation from sanctions that are tough to calibrate.

Ya think?

What apparently triggered this particular “good to know” utterance was not merely today’s effective date for major tariff escalations from both sides, but also the recent announcement that China will be “sanctioned” by Washington for buying some fighter aircraft and missiles from it’s neighbor in Russia – a provocation that stirred an immediate militant rebuke from Beijing.

That’s right. Washington is the world champion arms exporter, notching a record $76 billion of weapons sales last year to one and all who even broadly toe the Empire’s line. Yet it now actually presumes to tell the second largest economy in the world from whom it may procure weapons for its military?

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Then again, given that the US has China surrounded with upwards of 100,000 troops stationed in East Asia and the massive firepower of the 7th fleet (80 ships, 140 aircraft, thousands of cruise missiles, 40,000 sailors and marines), this latest shot across the bow surely put Beijing to thinking that the Donald’s Trade War might not even be the half of it.

For that matter, America’s neighbor to the north might be wondering…

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