Unhinged History Teacher Claims PewDiePie is Promoting “Genocide”

Absurdly claims fans who retweet his videos could be sued

Paul Joseph Watson
December 18, 2018


A history teacher went on an unhinged rant about YouTuber PewDiePie, absurdly claiming that the Swedish entertainer is promoting “genocide,” anti-Semitism and that his fans could be sued for retweeting his videos.

PewDiePie is the online persona of Felix Kjellberg, YouTube’s most popular entertainer who spends most of his time laughing at memes and playing video games.

However, according to one colossal moron, who somehow managed to land a job as a teacher, this constitutes promoting “genocide” and anti-Semitism.

The clip was posted to Twitter by a user called Rissian. The teacher’s identity has not been revealed.

“And by every time you retweet one of these things, or every time you promote this idea, you are promoting ignorance, racism, genocide, anti-Semitism…..these are all things that you are putting forward when you are doing anything that promotes PewDiePie,” said the teacher.

“So be careful about this. If someone decided to, if something would happen and PewDiePie were to be sued for this, you could be complicit if you retweet it, they can make you pay a fine as well, because you have officially published anti-Semitic things, so if you are republishing this stuff, you could get in trouble for it, be very aware that that is a real thing,” he added.

The clown in the clip has obviously been indoctrinated by mainstream media hysteria campaigns about PewDiePie, the most recent of which claimed he was pushing…

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