UK would be forced to join EU army if remains in bloc: Minister

The UK armed forces minister has warned that the United Kingdom will be forced to join a European Union Army if it remains as a member of the bloc, a plan that has reportedly been kept secret from British people.

Penny Mordaunt said on Saturday that if the UK stays as a member of the bloc, it “would be bound to support” the Lisbon Treaty that obliges Britain to join the EU Army.

The Treaty of Lisbon was signed by the EU member states in December 2007, and entered into force in December 2009.

“As usual with the EU, the plan for this army would see Britain paying the highest price but getting a raw deal. They’ve done that with our budget, I’m not going to let that happen to our armed forces,” said the minister.

Mordaunt made the remarks after the British Daily Express revealed on Friday that a plan to create a European army was supposed to be kept secret until the day after Britain’s referendum on EU membership on June 23.

The UK Armed Forces…

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