UK must prepare for second Brexit referendum

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for the United Kingdom and the European Union to prepare for a second Brexit referendum amid speculation that the UK parliament may fail to agree on a Brexit deal.

Planning to speak in London on Friday, Blair’s office released extracts of the speech in advance.

“Now should be the time of preparation – parliament to make sure it can canvass the options in [a] sensible manner, one by one, to reach agreement on an option or a referendum; Europe to ensure that if Britain is ready to think again, Europe is ready also to think again.”

The extracts stressed that an offer of a possible second Brexit referendum would show “the political leadership of Europe and Britain had listened to the underlying concerns of those who voted [for] Brexit, not disrespecting the concerns but meeting them in a way which is not damaging.”

Blair expressed his disapproval of going through a potentially damaging…

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