UK minister blasts Tories for bankrolling big money

A lawmaker of the UK’s main opposition Labour Party has accused the ruling Conservatives of hijacking Britain’s multi-billion aid budget by using it to bankroll big businesses, military programs and anti-immigration policies.

The Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, Diane Abbott, is set to heavily criticize the government’s new aid strategy in a planned speech on Saturday.

She is also going to accuse the Tories of putting politics and national self-interest above efforts to help build public services and provide health and education for millions of people, according to a Guardian report.

Abbott will tell the national gathering of the campaigning group Global Justice Now that “aid has been hijacked by this government, to subsidize big business, military and anti-immigration policies. They should be using aid money to help build public services, providing health and education for millions of people, not filling the coffers of…

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