UK government violated rights of disabled people: UN

The UK government’s welfare reforms are tantamount to a “systematic violation” of the rights of people with disabilities, according to an inquiry by the United Nations.

The UN Committee on the Rights of Disabled Persons (CRPD), which published the report in Geneva on Monday afternoon, slammed the ruling Conservative Party’s cuts to disability benefits and social care budgets, saying such austerity measures “disproportionately affected” the disabled.

“The committee observes that measures have caused financial hardship to persons with disabilities resulting in… arrears, debts, evictions and cuts to essentials such as housing and food,” the CRPD said of the measures which were introduced in 2010.

The highly critical report noted that uncertain assessments by welfare assessors showed their “lack of awareness and limited knowledge of disability rights and specific needs” and subjected disabled people to “anxiety and psychological…

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