Two dead, 6 injured in shootout in west Houston

A shooting involving high powered weapons in the US city of Houston has left two people dead and six more injured.

According to police, at least one heavily armed man went on a shooting rampage through a suburban Houston neighborhood on Sunday, resulting in two deaths and six injuries. Two of the injured were police officers.

One of those dead was a suspect and the other was an innocent victim. The suspect was killed by a Swat team member, police said. Another gunman, potentially a suspect, was also shot and injured by police

“One of the suspects was shot and he has expired. We believe he was shot by the other suspect, and the other suspect was eventually shot by one of the SWAT officers when a SWAT team responded,” Houston Interim Police Chief Martha Montalvo said.

“The suspect had high powered weapons, AR-15s that they were using, that they were able to actually shoot at a helicopter,” she said.

The circumstances of the shooting were not immediately…

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