Trump Has ‘Fulfilled Osama Bin Laden’s Vision’

Declares US to be worse than Communist dictatorships

Steve Watson
June 27, 2018

MSNBC continued its never ending Trump derangement syndrome broadcast Tuesday, with one analyst in particular declaring that President Trump has ‘fulfilled’ Osama Bin Laden’s vision for America, and that the US is now a worse place to live than Venezuela and Cuba.

Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who quit the party last week, exclaimed that “Today was a fantastic fulfillment of Osama bin Laden’s vision by Donald J. Trump,” in reference to the Supreme Court decision ruling Trump’s travel ban to be constitutional.

“What Osama bin Laden hoped to provoke was a war of civilization. A war between the West and one billion Muslims. And so what Donald Trump and this Muslim ban signal to the world is that Muslims are not welcome here,” Schmidt said.

“Whether the conservative justices say that, in fact, this is about executive power, the president’s clear intent was to impose a religious test,” Schmidt said.

“That is fundamentally un-American as anything that he’s done over the course of his presidency.” he further declared.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The travel ban puts a complete stop to any new visa applications by citizens from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Venezuela.

It has been termed the ‘Muslim ban,’ regardless of the fact that those countries, most on the verge of becoming failed states, account for only 8% of the world’s Muslim population, and are known to be harbingers of hardcore terrorists and enemies hostile to the US.

“The only force in the world that has the power to defeat extremist Islamic radicalism is moderate Islam. And moderate Islam was dealt a big setback today by this shortsighted, dangerous policy,” Schmidt argued, nevertheless.

Earlier on Morning Joe, Schmidt also declared that the US is a worse place…

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