Trump dressed as himself for ‘Villains and Heroes’ fancy dress bash (PHOTOS)

US President-elect Donald Trump kept it simple at a private ‘Villains and Heroes’ costume party on Long Island, New York by going as a billionaire Republican set to take up residence in the White House.

Attending the lavish bash thrown by Republican billionaire Robert Mercer, a fund manager and generous donor, Trump reportedly pointed to himself and said “me” when asked who he had come as, Politico reports.

Federal Election Commission records show Mercer poured millions into a Super PAC that supported Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in their White House races.

The website associated with Super PAC Make America Number 1, which is chaired by Mercer’s daughter, says that its main goal was to “defeat crooked Hillary” Clinton.

In one of the few pictures of Mercer’s party posted on social media, Trump can be seen posing alongside Republican campaign manager and top strategist Kellyanne Conway, who appeared to be dressed as Superwoman.

According to Bloomberg, the event was attended by a mixture of political figures and activists, with costumes ranging from 1930s gangsters and Cruella de Vil, to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Ginsburg became the subject of an infamous Trump Twitter rage back in July, after she criticized him, calling him a “faker”– for which she later apologized.  

While the president-elect showed no obvious signs of a costume, his detractors on Twitter say he really went as a “villain.” 

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.