Trump a president for billionaires

Senator Bernie Sanders says US President Donald Trump governs as a representative of America’s billionaire class and what concerns the senator is not Trump’s mental fitness or rhetoric but rather he is worried about the policies he is allowing to go into place. 

Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday that he finds many of Trump’s statements offensive, but that is not what he thinks is the most important issue with the Trump presidency.

“He’s so offensive. A few weeks ago, he attacked a United States senator with sexual innuendo. He talks about prison for his former opponent in a presidential election. This is not what presidents of the United States do,” Sanders said.

The Vermont lawmaker further elaborated that what actually concerns him is Trump’s policies.

“I am more worried about what this president’s policies are in terms of telling the working people of this country, during his campaign that he was going to stand…

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