The Sam Adams Award and Me

I am indeed honored to have received the 2018 Sam Adams Award, and as with so many things, timing is everything.  The Rob Reiner movie Shock and Awe was released in the US last summer, a very watchable drama documenting US government fabulations on the road to the Iraq war in 2002 and 2003.  Constructed by government political appointees and politicians, foisted on the American people, heavy lifting courtesy of the New York Times and the Washington Post, and the television “news”, rendered most of the country either willfully or blissfully ignorant.

Of course, too many of our countrymen and women, and large parts of Iraq were simply rendered, fat and black oil burning, sizzling, stinking, dying, melting into the dust and fusing with sand.

Surely our government would not lie to, deceive, steal from and destroy us, in the name of some hidden agenda of ideology, oil, or for the sake of investment opportunities and a political dependency on an old men’s entangling alliance.  What kind of government would that be?

That some news agencies (Knight-Ridder) and some people got it right is good to know, and good to remember.

Shock And Awe

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The ceremony last Saturday night in DC was inspiring, and I shared my thoughts on the future of truthtelling.  Like most libertarians, I’m pessimistic in the short term, optimistic in the long term.  Like any good anarchist, I am wholly comfortable identifying the state as the primary enemy of peace and prosperity.  The American bureaucratic state, enamored of war and enmeshed in corporate strangleholds, empowered by debt, emboldened by bluster, is a dangerous enemy, not just to the world but to average Americans.

We need to stop…

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