The Public Is Ready to Respond to Attacks on the Mueller Investigation

Last Friday’s sentencing memos for Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort hit with a bang, and interested press – who have watched the twists and turns of the investigation like a tennis match – wasted no time dissecting the content. However, the engaged public is also watching, and many are ready to take action.

The rallies that occurred in hundreds of locations across the US when President Trump chose the inappropriate and biased Matthew Whitaker to be his acting attorney general demonstrated the constant attention many Americans are giving to the president’s rule-of-law abuses. Their outrage is only magnified by the revelations of last week.

The activated network of Americans watching this most closely is organized at, a multi-organization site. They continue to be alerted if Trump crosses more “red lines” in reaction to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s successes. Activists are poised to hold protests in every state and Washington, DC, and have vowed to mobilize if Trump: 1.) pardons Manafort (or any other witness), as Trump has hinted he may; 2.) fires Mueller; or 3.) tries to hold back or undercut the findings of Mueller’s final report.

Most agree that the public deserves to see Mueller’s report in whole or part. A new NPR/Marist/PBS poll shows that 76 percent of Americans think the report detailing Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election should be released to the public in its entirety.

The fear that the president might obstruct the investigation was heightened by his aggressive lashing out on Twitter last weekend, and the fact that on the same day as Mueller issued his sentencing memos for Manafort and Cohen, Trump named his new attorney general nominee, William Barr, who has been hostile to the Mueller investigation. The unhappiness inside the White House about Trump’s apparent inability to find someone willing to be the…

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