The No Fly License – LewRockwell

The Orwellian spin cycle is picking up speed.

From “parking services” – i.e., the government worker who puts parking tickets under your car’s windshield wiper – to the “shared responsibility payments” being extorted by the IRS on behalf of the health insurance mafia as punishment for declining to be mulcted by the insurance mafia – to the “upgraded” driver’s licenses being pushed on people, without which you’ll be degraded by not only being  denied permission to leave the country, you’ll be denied permission to travel (by air) within the country.

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You’ll also be denied permission to enter “secure” federal buildings – though that one’s not so onerous because who wants to enter federal buildings. Most of us enter them because we have to – so there is one upside to thee “upgraded” licenses.

Which are only incidentally driver’s licenses.

They are really national ID cards.

The REAL ID card, as they’re styled. 

And the “upgrade” – as that is styled – is trackable biometric tagging, just the right word. Like the ear tags ranchers use to keep track of their cattle.

Without which they aren’t allowed beyond the barbed wire. Just like us.

The REAL ID will also plug the cow – whoops, person – into “ . . .national linked databases allowing millions of employees at all levels of government around the national to access personal data.”

That data being … everything.

Not just your DMV record, date of birth, sex and the usual data pertaining to driving. The REAL ID will tie everything about you that’s been uploaded to government/corporate data bases into one easily accessible (by the…

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