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Finally the mid-terms are behind us.  There was no Blue Wave nor was there as I hoped, a Red Tide.  There was, in fact, a split decision that leaves the country in a slightly better but still deeply divided state.

It will take a little time to fully digest what happened here but one thing is very clear to me looking at these results.

This election, like all things American politics now, was all about Donald Trump.

And I say that for two reasons.

The first is at the statewide level This is the level where I think Trump’s influence is the greatest and where voters can separate him from both the GOP and the Democrats.  He was elected to Drain the Swamp and during his first two years in office he did what he could given his tools.

And where he openly campaigned for candidates, even marginal ones like Rick DeSantis here in Florida, it made all the difference (Ridiculous vote fraud in Broward still filling out ballots notwithstanding).   Where the Democrats threw tens of millions in PAC money to flip states like Florida, Texas and Georgia, they came a cropper because of Trump.

And that’s why the Republicans who accepted his help won and flipped seats in the Senate, including two big ones in Florida and Missouri.

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The second reason has to do with the failure of the House to give him proper support in getting passed the major issues voters wanted:

  1. Repeal of Obamacare
  2. Improved Immigration Laws
  3. The Border Wall

These three things, as Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson keep pointing out were failures for the House.  And so why should we be mourning losing a GOP-controlled House that refused to do the people’s work?

That is who the…

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