The Exploitation of Medical Students and Residents is a Metaphor for the Post-New Deal Barbarism

I was happy, secure, and mostly unafraid until med school. I recall in vivid detail the first orientation day. Our anatomy professor stood before an auditorium filled with 125 eager, nervous, idealistic would-be healers and said these words: ‘If you decide to commit suicide, do it right so you do not become a burden to society.’ He then described in anatomical detail how to commit suicide.

— “Why Doctors Kill Themselves”, by Pamela Wible,, March 23, 2016

The exploitation and bullying of medical students and residents is pervasive, and stories of the most egregious and diabolical hazing are not uncommon. So oppressive are these working conditions, that each year approximately four hundred medical students and doctors take their own lives. Indeed, with the betrayal of the American worker by the liberal class, which is too busy chasing Russian spies to notice that our once proud middle class lies in ruins, the decimation of unionization continues unabated. Compelled to work outrageously long hours by corrupt hospital administrators, while also forced to negotiate a landscape of diminished autonomy due to the takeover of the medical profession by private insurance companies, a young doctor’s ability to help their patients can be steadily degraded over time, and their spirit broken.

This abuse and exploitation of medical students and residents is something that we cannot afford to ignore, for these inhumane working conditions place both the…

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