The European Union Referendum and the Parliamentary Dirty Tricks Brigade

The referendum on whether Britain leaves or stays in the European Union is just eight days away. A glossy leaflet dropped through my letterbox headed: “Vote Leave – The European Union and Your Family: The Facts.”

The Vote Leave campaign has a Board and Committee comprising of – broadly – the sort of far right “Little Englanders” that comedies derive from. There are a handful of Lords, there is Iain Duncan Smith who called for the invasion of Iraq within two months of September 11th, 2001, who by November 2001 was holding meetings on the topic with then Vice President Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Condoleeza Rice.

Ironically he also became Conservative Party Leader in September 2001. Announcement of his victory in the leadership contest was delayed until September 13th, 2001 due to the World Trade Centre disaster. By 2003 his MPs had passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership forcing his resignation.

Another “Vote Leave” heavyweight (literally) is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, MP, former Mayor of London and the UK’s Donald Trump (without the orange hue but with the mouth and hair.) Born in New York, educated at the European School in Brussels amongst other educational establishments, with Turkish, French and Swiss forbears and a former Brussels correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, there nevertheless appears to be nothing remotely outward looking or international about him.

In February 2015 he stated he was to relinquish his US…

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