The Democratic Party’s War History and the AUMF of 2018 – Consortiumnews

If there’s any surprise that Senate Democrats, almost virtually indistinguishable from pro-war Republicans, are about to coalesce in support of the newest version of the AUMF , then you have seriously not been paying attention, says Renee Parsons.

By Renee Parsons

The proposed Authority for the Use of Military Force of 2018 (AUMF) of 2018 would replace AUMF 2001 and repeal AUMF 2002 while it will codify an “uninterrupted authority to use all necessary and appropriate force in armed conflict” against  the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS and as yet unidentified “designated associated forces” who might “pose a grave threat to the US” in whatever country they occupy.

Since its adoption in 2001 within days of the 911 attack, the AUMF has served to justify every expansion of the US military’s role in the Middle East with every relevant Congressional oversight committee acting as little more than a syncopation of bobbing heads.

The AUMF 2018 offers  no restriction on military ops and no expiration or sunshine date while it  abdicates all Congressional statutory war making authority as defined in the Constitution to the executive branch with no meaningful oversight or accountability.

In other words, the AUMF 2018 represents a complete capitulation  to the MIC in a permanent continuation of almost two decades of “forever war”ostensibly in the Middle East for future generations of American troops  as the country is driven deeper into an indisputable ditch of financial insolvency and a wicked, amoral quagmire at home.

It has been fifty years since Congressional Democrats were in the vanguard of the anti-Vietnam war movement. Since the 1960’s few elected Democrats have dared challenge the party leadership to speak for peace or challenge any administration’s military interventionist policy and yet it is the Democratic party which claims the moral high ground.

Daschle: The prime sponsor.

Still instructive is an analysis of the October, 2002 Congressional AUMF resolution approving GW Bush’s grotesque invasion of Iraq. The original AUMF was adopted by Congress three days after the 911 attacks with Senate Democratic Majority Leader Tom…

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