The Conservative Drug War Creed

If there is one thing that most conservatives have in common it is their support for the federal government’s war on drugs. Although conservatives claim to believe in certain principles that libertarians would likewise hold to, their support of the drug war shows that they don’t really believe in them at all.

Here is the conservative drug war creed.

  1. I believe in the Constitution, but I also believe in the unconstitutional federal war on drugs.
  2. I believe in a smaller federal government, but still support a federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
  3. I believe in federalism, but not when it comes to the federal war on drugs.
  4. I believe in free markets, but not when it comes to a free market in drugs.
  5. I believe in individual liberty, but want to see you locked in a cage if you possess too much of a plant the government doesn’t approve of.

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  6. I believe in the personal freedom of individuals to get stoned out of their mind on alcohol, but not on drugs.
  7. I believe in States’ Rights, but not in the right of states to make their own drug laws without having them superceded by federal laws.
  8. I believe property rights, but not the right to grow marijuana on your own property.
  9. I believe in free enterprise, but not if it involves drugs.
  10. I believe in personal responsibility, but still support mandatory drug treatment programs.
  11. I believe in the right of people to smoke tobacco on their own property, but not marijuana.
  12. I believe in financial privacy, but not if someone makes money from selling drugs.
  13. I believe in personal privacy, but not…

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