The Brexit Pantomime and the Drone “Invasion”

The period leading up to Christmas is the traditional pantomime season in Ukania. Celebrities take time off from their usual occupations to star with less well-known performers in farcical slapstick shows that have little or no appeal for anyone beyond the age of 10.

This year, none of the regular pantomimes could compete with the biggest one of all, which took place in the House of Commons prior to its Christmas recess.

Brexit was of course the main plot in Ukania’s preeminent pantomime.

The House of Commons was due to vote that week on the final EU divorce deal Theresa May had submitted to EU leaders.

May however postponed the vote until after the Christmas recess, knowing she would lose it by a large margin.

She took off for Brussels in search of cosmetic changes that would put a better face on her doomed deal, but the heartless eurocrats flipped her the proverbial finger and sent her back to London with nothing.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn and Labour jumped in with a meaningless “no confidence“motion in the prime minister– meaningless because the Commons is only required to vote on a motion of “no confidence“in the government per se, and not an individual member of it.

Predictably, no vote was held on Corbyn’s symbolic motion, and the Commons slouched off for its Christmas break, with the chaotic Brexit farce to resume in January when it reconvenes.

But the pantomime wasn’t over just yet.

During prime minister’s question time, Corbyn scorned May’s…

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