‘Terrorism Exists When Foreign Powers Occupy’

If you contrast the money the US spends to support its military industrial complex with what the other countries spend, Americans shouldn’t be afraid to be attacked, it is unrealistic, former US congressman Ron Paul said.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annual Q&A session, attended by Russian and foreign media, in Moscow on Thursday, RT spoke to former US congressman Ron Paul to discuss the current state of US-Russia relations.

RT: As for US-Russia relations, Vladimir Putin and other leaders have said global stability is at risk if Washington withdraws from the INF Treaty. Would you agree there’s a risk here?

Ron Paul: It should be a worry, but sometimes all countries seem to overstate their positions to make certain points. But it isn’t a good idea for the US to get out of that agreement. It makes the world more dangerous.

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I don’t think it means something horrible is eminent but I think it is a shame that that has happened because when we do that as American citizens, we see our government doing this, then there is a response from the Russian government and I see that going into wrong direction. I don’t think it should be a great alarm that next month there is going to be a clash. But I think it is going in the wrong direction, it is a shame that our government decided to get out of the agreement.

RT: As America, you put yourself forward as a big important country, you are a superpower, you are sure you should be leading the way here with the other big countries around the world.

It is a very strange thing in 2018, got enough to worry about with climate change etc, you and I lived through the Cold War…

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