Ted Cruz And His Wife Hounded From Restaurant By Angry Leftist Mob

‘Fascists not welcome’

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
September 25, 2018

Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi were literally chased out of a restaurant in DC Monday night by a mob of leftists who were angry at Cruz for, it appears, expressing support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The mob chanted “we believe survivors,” and at one point blocked Cruz’s wife from exiting, forcing the Texas Senator to step in and demand the unhinged group “let my wife through.”

Cruz’s only other reaction to the mob was to say “God bless you”, as he attempted to leave. Video of the incident was posted by a group calling itself ‘Smash Racism DC’, which described Kavanaugh as a ‘creep’ and a ‘Fascist’.

Further footage shows a woman claiming to be a victim of sexual assault getting in the faces of Cruz and his wife and demanding to talk about Kavanaugh.

“I know that you’re very close friends with Mr. Kavanaugh.” The woman is heard to say, adding “Do you believe survivors sir? We believe survivors. Senator, I have a right to know what your position is on Brett Kavanaugh. I’m a survivor of sexual assault. There are now three people that have come forward and said that Brett Kavanaugh attacked them. Have you talked to him about that?”

Another female agitator was heard telling the Texas senator, “Beto is way hotter than you.” referring to Cruz’s Democratic opponent in the 2018 midterms.

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