Tactics Changing?

The plan is shifting.

Donald Trump has reacted to the surge in migration toward our southern border in a truly unexpected fashion, at least as unexpected as it can be from an activist progressive press that still doesn’t understand him.  Watch for indications that the planners of the migrant “caravan” are adjusting their plan from invasion to a purposeful large-scale humanitarian crisis acted out before the compliant press.  If these hordes cannot be used to invade, then they can still be used for a propaganda blitz.  The first indication of a change of plan emerged yesterday, care of The Yucatan Times, which reported the following:

The caravan of thousands of Central American migrants has signaled its intended border crossing, turning toward Texas rather than staying on the route toward California.  The group, estimated around 4,000, set off before dawn Thursday from the city of Juchitan de Zaragoza, where they had spent a rest day on Wednesday Oct. 31.  Instead of continuing up the Pacific coast, they turned north, toward the state of Veracruz and the Gulf Coast.  That route suggests they’re heading for the crossing from Reynosa to McAllen, Texas.

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