Super Tuesday 2 results: The presidential stakes are higher than ever

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Over 300 delegates are at stake for the presidential candidates in Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi on Tuesday, and with time running out in the race, this big day of voting stands to be a highly competitive sequel to last week’s Super Tuesday.

On the Democratic side, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) needs to upset former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in at least one state to not lose any remaining momentum. Michigan could be where that happens as Sanders has won in nearby Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. The other Democratic primary, happening in Mississippi, is seen as Clinton-territory where she has maintained ardent support in the South.

Clinton wins Mississippi, Sanders causes upset in Michigan

Hillary Clinton’s big win in the Mississippi primary was confirmed soon after polling stations closed. She ended up with 82.9 percent to Sanders’ 16.2 percent, based on 80 percent of precincts reporting, the Associated Press said.

“America is great… We are better than what we are being offered by the Republicans,” she said later to a cheering crowd.

Sanders surprised many with his win in Michigan, taking 50.1 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 48 percent, based on 90 percent of precincts reporting.

Talking to reporters later on, Sanders said he had done well on the West Coast.

“In poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is create the kind of momentum that we need to win,” he said.

Trump wins Mississippi and Michigan

Trump scored wins in Mississippi and Michigan. Based on 79 percent of Mississippi precincts reporting, Trump had 47.7 percent of the vote, Cruz fell short with 36.4 percent, and Kasich and Rubio were left with 8.5 and 4.9 percent respectively.

Trump later said that he “can be more presidential than anybody” but that right now he is planning to beat his political rivals.

Trump has won Michigan, AP declared, with 36.6 percent of the vote, based on 68 percent of precincts results. Kasich was in second place with 24.7 percent, but in danger of being eclipsed by Cruz’s 24.7 percent which represented a difference of fewer than 1,000 votes. Rubio was distantly in last with 9.2 percent.

Ted Cruz wins Idaho primaries, Hawaii caucus yet to come

Republican Ted Cruz has celebrated his victory in Idaho, AP reported. He secured 44 percent of the votes, while Republican rival Trump received 28.1 percent.

The delegate count for Republicans breaks down to 19 in Hawaii, 32 in Idaho, 59 in Michigan, and 40 in Mississippi, a total of 150. States are only winner-take-all when a candidate wins over 50 percent of the vote, but to win any delegates, a candidate must earn at least 15 percent of the popular vote, except in Idaho where 20 percent is needed.

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