Some Things You Bring Home With You

Can there be any surprise when you hear that the abortion clinic counselor is bringing her work home with her, that she is having a hard time leaving the emotions of the office back at the office, that she can’t sleep at night like she used to before she started that job, that she’s feeling engulfed by what happens at work and has it on her mind all the time, whether at work or away from work, that she needs a few extra drinks at the end of the day to really relax, and that alcohol doesn’t always do it for her the way it used to. Can any of this really be a surprise?

A parent said all that to me the other day. I couldn’t believe my ears, first of all that their daughter had ended up working in an abortion clinic, secondly that they were shocked by any of the inner conflict resulting from her decision to work there. She wasn’t stuck in some imaginary life situation where either facilitating abortions or starvation were her two options. Fresh out of college, she chose to spend her time like that.

We have 16 waking hours a day. Some people can squeeze a few extra out of that. Most people can’t. The more you travel to work, the less time you have. The more you spend on daily necessities that do not fulfill you, the less time you have. You are left, when all is said and done, with 12, 13, possibly 14 hours each day to fulfill yourself.

The number of days you have been promised extend as far as yesterday. Today is not promised to you.

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