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When will socialists admit they’ve won?

To hear them tell it, Americans are not only capitalists to rival John Galt but actually expect folks to earn what they consume. Balderdash. That isn’t the country we know nor ever did. After all, didn’t our great-grandparents put the “Social” in “Social Security”? And Obummercare only completed the nationalization of medical insurance that Medicare and ‘caid began. The panoply of Marxist schemes destroying us—public indoctrina-sorry, education; progressive taxation; the minimum wage, etc.—enjoy such notoriety I need not delineate them.

In short, America has degenerated beyond socialism to outright communism. And it did so long ago, thanks to Stalin’s useful idiot, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Successive generations so entrenched themselves in the Marxist muck that we may have passed the point of no return.

Economic curmudgeons protest that America isn’t socialist because politicians don’t control the means of production—yet. (Just give ‘em time.) But your average Joe Socialist can’t even define “means of production.” Nor does he fret about who controls it. All he understands is that you have something he wants. And so he hoots and hollers when charlatans such as Bernie Sanders (Crazy Old Coot-VT) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Bubblehead-The People’s Democratic Republic of NY) promise to correct such horrific injustice.

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Socialists have prevailed far beyond the political arena, too. They’ve conquered the American spirit. Our countrymen no longer condemn greed, envy and theft, a.k.a. taxation, as sins; rather, that trio is now positively virtuous.

Hate is well on its way to rehabilitation,…

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