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Quite a hot time in the ole Swamp this week, with the gators, ‘possums, snakes, and snappers roiling the filthy waters to a bloody froth in the battle for supremacy of the food chain. The Swamp even has its own version of Bigfoot, the Golden Golem of Greatness. Lumbering and garrulous, unlike his shy cousin of the Oregon forests, the flaxen-haired giant plies the sloughs, oak domes, and cypress hammocks desperately seeking respect. His bellowing can be heard each night through the din of chittering insects, croaking bullfrogs, laughing anhingas, and the baying bloodhounds at his heels, as he searches for the fabled drain-plug that might convert this treacherous ecology into an upland peaceable kingdom.

Many forces are vectoring toward Defcon this autumn with an effect that may amplify the individual power of each and reach a critical mass that could just blow the Swamp to soggy bits. The Prog-led “Resistance” turned the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing into a swampish circus, complete with shrieking clowns Kamala Harris and Corey Booker trying out their 2020 election acts. Their antics are almost certainly in vain, since the sides are pre-decided and the votes are there to approve Mr. Kavanaugh, no matter how many faces they pull.

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The mere prospect of Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court has induced a fever fugue in Progville that resembles those end-of-the-world apocalyptic visions in Medieval scripture. Yet to come perhaps: fainting spells, ghost sightings, infestations of biting insects, St. Vitus Dance, speaking in “tongues,” visitations of succubi, and other signs that the hosts of Beelzebub are afoot. This inflamed…

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