‘Send Us Your Nudes For Your Protection’

The Daily Sheeple
May 24, 2018

Hasn’t Facebook gotten themselves into enough hot water? First was privacy concerns and then came Cambridge Analytica, and of course, the censorship of anyone who is not a leftist. Now the social media network is ramping up the creepiness and wants you to send them your nudes: it’s for your protection, of course.

Facebook can’t protect your data, but they want to be in charge of protecting your naked photos. The social media company suggests that sending it naked pictures is the best way to protect yourself from revenge porn, reported The Guardian.   Sorry, Facebook.  You’ve proven yourself untrustworthy.  But there are actually some considering sending their naked pictures to the social media giant.

But give it a chance. The company’s offering is a better idea than it sounds. Facebook has spent years working with other large technology firms to build software that can identify problem images the second they hit the net, and flag and remove them without the need for human intervention. The scheme, which has already been trialled in Australia, will be tested in the UK this week. –The Guardian

Facebook’s proposal is to send them the nudes first, though, before you’re a victim of revenge porn. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, to argue for trusting Facebook with the most sensitive data imaginable doesn’t just seem crazy, it is crazy.  Have you ever heard the term “screw me once, shame on you; screw me twice, shame on me?” Well, that’s pretty much how most people feel about Facebook having all of their naked photos on file…you, know…just in case.

The Guardian seems to think it’s just a fabulous idea, however.  “As for misusing the data,” The Guardian writes, “well, it may be evil, in the sort of banal, spreadsheety way a lot of major companies are, but it’s not stupid. Misusing these images would be a…

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