Russian Spies in the White House?

Russian state-backed news outlet RT on Monday released a satirical video depicting President Trump opening Christmas gifts.

The video, titled “Russian Spies in the White House?” shows Trump, played by an actor, in the Oval Office, where he opens presents from other world leaders.

“It’s difficult to find a good present for the leader of the free world,” the news site wrote online. “We, at RT, have invoked our inner SNL [Saturday Night Live] writer to imagine what Donald Trump will find under the Christmas tree, where there is one box from us, this year.”

In the video, Trump begins by opening a gift from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who gave him small gold busts of the two leaders. Trump tosses the bust of Kim aside before opening his next gift: A “Make America Great Again” hat boasting a “Made in China” label.

A snapshot of a satirical video released by RT showing President Trump opening Christmas gifts.

The final…

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