RussiaGate Is Simply an Extension

The great thing about Internet archives is that they leave a data trail for anyone who wants to follow it. And while news and opinion revolves around attempt after attempt to implicate President Donald Trump for some sort of collusion or treasonous activity with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, everyone in the mainstream press (this includes Fox News) has taken advantage of – or ignored – history. The advantage taken of history is that many people remember precious little about it, especially in our times, it seems. Look at this headline, and then look at the date in which it is listed:

Yes, indeed. The timestamp is 21.25 on 23.7.2016. That is July, 2016. During the campaign. Here’s another one.

This one, as you can see is a little earlier. The piece itself also features a rather disgusting homosexual cartoon, which would make sense since it is on Rachel Maddow’s blog… er… and, as all great things come in threes, here’s our third one:

And of course the pieces are made available by our hyperlinks to them so you can read them for yourself.

So, three great tastes that taste great together? Not so much. However, the dating on these pieces is significant. What was happening around July 20-23 in 2016?  Anyone remember?

You got it! The Republican National Convention, July 18-21, 2016, just as they proclaim Mr. Trump the nominee for their party’s race.

The Democrat convention was held between July 25 and 28 of that year, so there were just a few days for these news “pieces” to get planted into the American electorate’s consciousness. Of course, Mr. Trump and his side did their own planting, which we all probably remember – epithets like “Crooked Hillary”, and “Crazy Bernie” come to mind, and yet… this Russian collusion narrative has been…

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