Roaming Charges: American Hunger Games

Alcatraz. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair.

+ The shutdown has become Trump’s RealityTV version of The Hunger Games. How long can federal workers go without being paid? How will they perish? Hunger, influenza, hypothermia, suicide? Place your bets.

+ Lara Trump made a strong audition this week for the role of Marie Antoinette, but in a risky casting move the part ended up going to Wilbur Ross.

+  Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says he doesn’t understand why furloughed federal employees would need the assistance of food banks. He advised the workers to get bridge loans, essentially putting them in the position to pay interest on their paychecks.

+ Why doesn’t Wilbur Ross (net worth $2.9 billion) simply front them the money himself? Perhaps Ross isn’t nearly as rich as he has claimed to be?

“I know they are, and I don’t really quite understand why.” He says the workers should be able to get bridge loans.

+ Wilbur Ross’ depraved comments on federal workers should encourage Pelosi to re-invite Trump to give his SOTUS speech in the House. The more they talk, they more they condemn themselves.

+ Every so often, Paul Krugman makes an obvious point in an original way…

+ Perhaps Trump can finance…

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