Remoaner Rebellion ‘Fueled By Class Spite’ Historian Claims

December 24, 2018

Robert Tombs, a historian who is part of Briefings For Brexit which is a group of academics who aim to provide factual backing for the Brexit cause, has argued that the Remoaners, rather than being motivated by a particular love for the EU, are fueled by class-based spite.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he said: “Hard-line Remainers… have been and are willing to push their campaign beyond legitimate politics as previously understood. “First, they have encouraged foreign authorities to resist the policy of the UK, and have thereby done much to sabotage that policy. Second, they have attempted to de-legitimise legal votes, using arguments that would take us back 150 years and more – essentially, that ordinary people are incapable of taking a major national decision and that they must therefore be overruled. We have noted that civil servants detest disruption. We have suggested that the issue has become one of ‘identity politics’, with vehement Remainers motivated less by affection for the EU than by contempt for those they think support Brexit – above all the white working class.”

You could reasonably add that the labeling of Brexiteers as ‘racist’, ‘far-right’ and often ‘stupid’ is the perfect illustration of the point that Tombs is making. Talk-show host James Whale recently said that voting should be restricted to only those earning over £50,000 per year in another example that reinforces the case that there is strong class prejudice that underpins the Remoaners identity.

Brexiteers have shown however that they will continue to fight on no matter how much they are put down and one thing is sure about 2019, that they will have to do so again.

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This article was posted: Monday, December 24, 2018 at 6:47 am

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